Shipping and Install Options

You've placed your order for a sweet Air Down Gear Up system! Now what happens?

Installation: Free? Yes, really!

We offer complimentary installation of all our systems in our Colorado location, just north of Denver. We stay booked up pretty well so the install date must be reserved well in advance. Give us a call or email and we'll advise what we have available. If you're local this is a no-brainer, but we also get a lot of customers that road-trip across the USA to get their system installed at our head quarters and then adventure off into the Rocky Mountains. We're only 90 minutes away from Rocky Mountain National Park and endless options for trail drives. We aim for a morning start time and the install appointment is only scheduled for 1 hour for most systems. You can be on the road before lunch!

Shipping: Just the way you want it.

If you're not taking advantage of the complimentary installation of your system at our ADGU Colorado facility just north of Denver, then take a look at our shipping options here. We offer a few different ways to get your system safely to you anywhere in the continental US.

1. Freight to a Business. This is quickly becoming a favorite for our customers and us alike. When we ship freight, we utilize FedEx Freight Boxes. These are clean and tidy pallet-sized heavy duty boxes delivered carefully to your business of choice. This is an awesome option, but you need to have a business address we can ship to which has a forklift or a loading dock.

2. Freight to a Residence. All the convenience of Freight to a Business, but we can send it straight to your driveway. This is more costly for FedEx (driving a semi down a residential street isn't easy) so you'll pay a little extra to get it straight to your house.

3. Ground Shipping to Residence. This is the most common method of shipping for products you can lift on your own. When we ship a system "Ground" we get it as pre-assembled as we can and still have UPS or FedEx deliver the components straight to your doorstep. For most systems, this means 5-6 separate boxes all shipped at the same time. Most customers will take roughly 3-6 hours to assemble and install their system if we ship it ground. Think of the assembly and install process for this option like a much cooler version of Ikea furniture. It can be tedious, but there's still no "fabrication required" so it's DIY-friendly, no matter your skill level.