Sliding Sleeper Stowed Retainer Retrofit Kit

$79.99 USD

In early 2023 we our revamped 4Runner sleeper system. This new version includes an awesome retention feature that keeps the sleeper firmly in place when stowed in the cargo area. Many customers have asked if their older system could be updated so we made this kit specifically to retrofit older 4Runner and 60 Series Land Cruiser systems. All you need is a drill and pencil. We provide a brand new drill bit for you.

The kit contains:

Qty 2 Printed Carbon-Fiberglass Inline Risers
Qty 2 Printed Carbon-Fiberglass Receiver
Qty 8 1/4-20 Prop Nuts
Qty 4 1/4-20 Screw 1/2"
Qty 4 1/4-20 Screw 3/4"
Qty 1 Wrench (5/32)
Qty 1 Drill Bit 5/16", Brad Point


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