AHC Service in the ADGU Workshop just North of Denver!

AHC Service in the ADGU Workshop just North of Denver!

As of 2021, we offer AHC inspections as well as AHC adjustment/maintenance/repair services of the 100 series Land Cruiser and LX470!

Two categories of offerings:

1. Inspection and recommendation ($250 flat rate, 60-90 minutes)

We learn about your current situation and any future plans and then plug into your system to reveal what's working and what needs help. We measure heights, pressures, sensor response, globe health, check for trouble codes and give an overall system visual inspection for leaks or damage. To get accurate pressure readings, we may adjust the front torsion bars, but that is generally the extent of the wrench turning for this service. It's quick, to the point and addresses your current situation as well as your future plans.

2. Hands on Maintenance/Repair/Adjustment ($200/hr)

  • Globe (aka Gas Chamber) replacement
  • AHC Pump replacement/rebuild
  • Torsion bar adjustment
  • Height Sensor adjustment/replacement
  • Wiring repair
  • Rear spring replacement
  • Rear spring spacer install

Contact us to schedule an inspection. We have shop hours available most Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.