Beauty Panel for SS1 Drawers 5th Gen 4Runner

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This listing applies to the 5th Gen 4Runner Drawers SS1 drawers.

These textured panels create a clean and clutter-free look for SS1 drawers. A 170 degree hinge is included on the wings to allow access to your side storage areas, even with the drawer closed. Screws are Stainless Steel and available in black and bare stainless steel.

These panels are available as a retrofit to previously purchased SS1 drawers or as an upgrade to any new drawer purchase. Older drawers ("V1") will require some holes to be drilled into the drawer face to mount these panels. Kits can be supplied with or without a drill bit (1/4"). It's a fast and easy install. Measure twice, drill once!

Available in Black and Light Grey.


Which kit type do I need?


Customers with "V1" drawers (drawers where the face has 4 or fewer holes and has smooth interior walls) will need to drill mounting holes using a 1/4" drill bit. If you don't have a drill bit set including 1/4", order the kit with drill bits.

Customers with "V2" drawers (with mounting holes pre-drilled on the drawer face and with slots machined on interior walls) will not need to drill anything.